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Posted by Xypter on 09-15-2023 1:08am UTC

Just popped in to say we got a new affiliate. Rootpain bringing back the nostalgia of personal websites. Check it out

Happy New Year!

Posted by TheBlurCafe on 01-01-2023 5:36pm UTC


It's been a while, hasn't it? I just wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year on behalf of all of SGXP! This will be a pretty exciting year and I can't wait to continue my comic as soon as possible, thanks for sticking by!

- TheBlurCafe

New Page Published! - Page 75, End of the Tournament Arc!

Posted by TheBlurCafe on 09-23-2022 3:17pm UTC


I still can't believe I ACTUALLY managed to finish this arc, it feels surreal!

Let this day go down in history as the day that Blur finally finished the Tournament Arc!
I will be taking a break to focus on my studies and whatnot, which means that I'll be back in December, but until then, thanks for reading all the way through!

Onward to new adventures!


- TheBlurCafe

New Page Published! - Page 74

Posted by TheBlurCafe on 09-22-2022 4:06pm UTC

Bit of a filler page, but needed to wrap things up.

Pictured: Blur (me) reacting to this arc's end after years of procrastination


- TheBlurCafe

New Page Published! - Page 73

Posted by TheBlurCafe on 09-21-2022 4:07pm UTC

That punch feels SO cathartic


- TheBlurCafe

New Page Published! - Page 72

Posted by TheBlurCafe on 09-16-2022 7:28pm UTC

Speaking of light at the end of the tunnel... I think I myself can clearly see it as well!
It's almost over, I can't believe it!

Also... what could Thomas be possibly talking about? Only time will tell!


- TheBlurCafe

New Page Published! - Page 71

Posted by TheBlurCafe on 09-12-2022 11:34am UTC

Decided to add the page number on the headline, just to make it easy to tell when a page is uploaded.

Anyway, We're almost at the end! Whew!


- TheBlurCafe

New Page Published!

Posted by TheBlurCafe on 08-30-2022 11:34am UTC

Through the power of flashbacks... he rises!


- TheBlurCafe

New Page Published!

Posted by TheBlurCafe on 08-17-2022 2:27pm UTC

Nice (page number is actually #69, but the URL displays #70 because of the 4-year anniversary page, oops).


- TheBlurCafe

New Page Published!

Posted by TheBlurCafe on 08-04-2022 1:58pm UTC

We are almost at the finish line!


This whole arc was a mistake... but I'll be able to wrap it up this month!
Sorry for being so inactive peeps, I'll try to put out as many pages as possible during the month of August, stay tuned!

- TheBlurCafe

New Page Published!

Posted by TheBlurCafe on 04-19-2022 10:46pm UTC
Wow, last comic was in September of 2021?
I am so very sorry for the long pauses, but life finds one way or another to always mess with me.
Also, because of the site update to the comics section, it's possible that you might not even see this very same comment that I made on what was the "Author's Comment" section, whoops!
Anyway, I hope you've all been doing well, today was my last day at my old house before departing again for reasons, so since I had the sprites at hand, I decided to finish up this page.
I'll try to be more consistent with the uploads (though I can't promise anything), in the meantime, thanks for reading so far! 
- TheBlurCafe (fancy signature is fancy)

Comics page back up

Posted by Xypter on 04-10-2022 9:48pm UTC

Our servers recently were updated to a new version of PHP, which was causing our comic CMS to stop working due to the current version being incompatible. I went ahead and fixed the error, so all comics should be back up and running!


New VC Update!

Posted by NeroIntruder on 03-15-2022 7:46pm UTC

sorry for another long wait, I've been working on a lot of stuff including an extensive characters page for the comic and I've kinda neglected the comic itself, I'll try to not take this long again!


From The Archives

Posted by Xypter on 01-06-2022 6:05pm UTC

Hello all, and Happy New Year!

We at SGXP hope you are having a good start to the new year. It always seems the work piles on when Monday rolls around. Though not much has been changed regarding the site, I have been busy with another project that you may be interested in.

Some of you may know from past posts that I have been actively combing through the remnants of the SmackJeeves backup located on TheInternetArchive, and have been gathering up all the lost sprite comics and compilations that were deleted unceremoniously last year.

As a small token of my thanks for a great 2021, I have uploaded 17 of the best pickings I have found so far, and uploaded them to our forum archive located here. I have unlocked the forum to all members/non-members alike to allow for easy downloading. I hope you enjoy!

I am amazingly only 5% through the entire thing, so look forward to more uploads in the future.

The MFZ is back (maybe)

Posted by Xypter on 10-12-2021 9:08pm UTC

You heard it here first (maybe). The MFZ has officially been brought back from the dead by Kajin. Full details are on the front page of their site http://www.themfz.net/

What does this mean for us? Not too sure.

There aren't really plans to take any of the old archive down unless Kajin sends me a cease and desist notice. That will go for the comics as well.

Even so, I do have plans for this site regarding new archives and user content. Para has been working hard creating new rips that will eventually be housed in their own pages. I have my own project going on where I've been busily going through the old smack jeeves archives to see if we can bring back some classic sprite comics.

Because my work life has got me so busy, there are site projects that I have had on the back burner for months which I still need to get to. Just imagine, a button to upload your sheets, a user page to showcase your sprites and personal projects, and a mobile app when your not at your PC. That's the type of vision I have for this place.

Until then hope you can hang in there and enjoy this place for what it is currently. We are still active on Discord and currently holding a pumpkin carving contest, followed by a fall banner contest right after.

New Page Published!

Posted by TheBlurCafe on 09-27-2021 6:14pm UTC

The fact I can add blood and words like "bastard" is just so liberating, DeviantART was kind of limiting what I could show.

Anyway, new update! Read it here:


... Yes this is technically page 66 but since I made the 4th anniversary page first, the link says 67.

Yes, it bothers me too.

New VC Update!

Posted by NeroIntruder on 09-23-2021 6:27pm UTC

quite a delay on this one, sorry 'bout that! been pretty busy lately


Spikes' Chronicles' 4th Anniversary!

Posted by TheBlurCafe on 09-05-2021 7:35pm UTC

HOORAY! It's the 4th anniversary of Spikes' Chronicles!

Today we are celebrating 4 years of procrastination!


I made a lil' page to take a break from the fight, which I plan to wrap up soon, as I won't be able to work steadily on this comic because of life stuff and whatnot, but don't worry, I am not jumping ship anytime soon!

Thanks to everybody who read through my comic, I really appreciate it!

And here's to 4 years of Spikes' Chronicles!



Posted by Omega on 09-03-2021 1:46am UTC





New Page Published!

Posted by TheBlurCafe on 09-02-2021 5:08pm UTC

Woohoo! New Update!

...I hope I can finish this darn tournament soon enough, it's been dragging on for a while cheeky

Hope you all enjoy it!



Slogan Refresh

Posted by Xypter on 08-29-2021 6:25pm UTC

Quick little update.

#1: The site has gone through some speed optimizations, which has made load times way faster than before.

#2: The slogan bar has become clickable. Now you can cycle through slogans without having to refresh the page. How convenient c:


Posted by Omega on 08-27-2021 2:23am UTC





Posted by Omega on 08-13-2021 1:13am UTC

Hey, look. Things are on time this week! Lianne's gonna do what Lianne's always gonna do.


New VC Update!

Posted by NeroIntruder on 08-08-2021 6:51pm UTC

today, our battle against Daria and Schneider begins!



Posted by Omega on 08-08-2021 2:27am UTC




New Page Published!

Posted by TheBlurCafe on 07-31-2021 11:46am UTC


It's been a while, hasn't it?

I'm officially on Summer break, so I should be able to bake some fresh new pages for you lot!

... Whenever I feel like it toung.gif

In the meantime, enjoy this page!


Well well well...

Posted by Omega on 07-31-2021 2:08am UTC

It's three holes in the ground! Also, I've tricked Xypter into giving me access to things on the site. What a fool! 

Anyway, I'm Omega. I used to make comics for such great sites as King Comix, Multimedia Pileup, and Neogolds! And as no one knows what those sites are, I realize I am ancient. Regardless, I bring you the slower form of the animated shenanigans of our Discord server. While our mods slave away every waking hour to bring quality animation to us, I spend like two hours a week cranking out this silly little comic. Go check it out!


SGXP the Comic

Posted by Xypter on 07-30-2021 5:12pm UTC

Excited to annouce that Omega will now be hosting a new comic, "SGXP the Comic" on our comics page. Omega has been contributing here for quite awhile, so I'm excited to have him aboard. Show some love and give the first 3 panels a read.

New VC Update!

Posted by NeroIntruder on 07-21-2021 7:08pm UTC

our friends confront a couple of goons!


Summer Banner Contest

Posted by Xypter on 07-07-2021 6:33pm UTC

Just so some of you are aware, we are hosting a summer banner contest on our forums to celebrate the turning of the new season. If you are interested in joining or just want to vote, hop on the forums and join the fun. Who knows, your submission could be showcased at the top of our site.

SGXP Adventures 3 has also been posted. In this episode the cast continues from where we left off on Sayano's tragic death.




New VC Update!

Posted by NeroIntruder on 07-01-2021 4:41pm UTC

she's determined, at least


New VC Update!

Posted by NeroIntruder on 06-21-2021 3:42pm UTC

kept you waiting, huh? here's the cover for act 4 of Virtue Complex


New Page Published!

Posted by TheBlurCafe on 05-07-2021 6:15pm UTC

Whew! Sorry it took so long to get this out, I've been dealing with a lot of stuff lately, but at last, a new page!



Posted by Xypter on 05-03-2021 12:35am UTC

There was certainly enough time for me last week to update our collection and continue adding new sprites, but my time was filled with a much more interest affair.

I now introduce multi-theme support for our site. If you notice at the top right, you should see a little button at the top right of the nav bar:

If you give it a click, you should see a drop down menu, with 4 themes listed. Give it a whirl and see which one you like the best.

This feature has been a long time coming, and we're certainly going to be adding more themes as time goes by. Until then I hope you enjoy what we have so far.


Posted by Xypter on 04-28-2021 12:35am UTC

I finally got around to putting up our Extras page. It was high time we had link to our show, as well as the rave, both graciously made by Lianne-ka, with help from Gardow. This section will house all the miscellaneous stuff that gets made around here, and will be added to periodically.

We also got some branding stuff up, in case you were thinking of affiliating with us, or want to add some drip to that sprite sheet. Thanks to Blur for making that epic plane bursting from space.


Sprite Section Overhaul

Posted by Xypter on 04-18-2021 12:10am UTC

I have eluded to the fact that our sprite section was going to go through some major changes, and now they are here. Head over to the sprites section to get the full scoop.

New Page Published!

Posted by TheBlurCafe on 03-26-2021 6:57pm UTC

Well, well, well!

Hope you guys are doing well! You know who else is doing well?
Not Spikes, or at least, not after that punch!

New page is out!


New Page Published!

Posted by TheBlurCafe on 03-15-2021 7:47pm UTC

Alright! Things are finally starting to heat up!


New Page Published!

Posted by TheBlurCafe on 03-04-2021 3:43pm UTC

Yo yo yo!
It's TheBlurCafe in da house!
Here to give you a fresh new page!

The showdown is almost here!


SGXP Adventures

Posted by Xypter on 03-04-2021 3:32pm UTC

If you haven't heard already, we have a cool little sprite series written and animated by Lianne-Ka, with additional animation and subtitles done by Gardow. It's one of the many cool things our member's are creating on our Discord. Here are episodes 1 and 2:


It's about Angels

Posted by NeroIntruder on 02-24-2021 1:44am UTC

'sup! I'm NeroIntruder, but you can call me Nero, longtime spriter and comic maker. As Xypter below me announced, my main project, Virtue Complex, originally hosted on Smackjeeves and later Comicfury, is now on SGXP!

Huge shoutouts to Xypter, who let me host the comic on SGXP and helped me with the setup, I'm honored to have Virtue Complex on this site alongside comics like Insonicnia. Now, go give it a read!

New Comic

Posted by Xypter on 02-24-2021 1:07am UTC

Wowza, double update!

We are excited to announce NeroIntruder's comic, "Virtue Complex", will now be actively hosted on our site. I am personally stoked to have another active comic maker added to the team, and hope you will show him some love. If you haven't read it already, go check it out in the link below!

Virtue Complex

We just got chonkier

Posted by Xypter on 02-23-2021 10:59pm UTC

You may notice some changes to the website happening. We are experiencing a lot of exciting things as we prepare for the massive amount sheets we will be updating in the following months. The first order of business though was expanding the width to fit the new icons we'll be using for the new sprite collection.

What you see now is the result of about a week and a half of working the kinks out. Many of the major changes were done to the source html and css, which were massively inefficient from the rag-tag code I've been using over the months. I decided to give it some TLC, and make things more efficient so that I can update parts more easily. With this out of the way, I will begin work on items such as user accounts, upload management tools, and eventually a theme selector to customize your experience.

As always, if there is anything that I missed that is not working or is completely broken, let me know in the Discord and I'll give it the fixins.

P.S. We also have new banners up courtesy of our members. We host bi-weekly contests on our Forum and Discord, so come by if you want to join the fun.

New Page Published!

Posted by TheBlurCafe on 02-20-2021 10:17pm UTC

Well, call me Mr. Unpredictable, cause I am full of surprises!



Posted by Xypter on 02-04-2021 6:38am UTC


New Page Published!

Posted by TheBlurCafe on 01-20-2021 10:06pm UTC

A new page is up, and it looks like things are finally getting interesting!
Who knows what's gonna happen next?


Slogans FTW

Posted by Xypter on 01-11-2021 4:55am UTC

We got random slogans now, 100% generated by our users. You too could have your fancy slogan posted if you join our Discord.

Come one come all. We got cake.

A Fresh Layout

Posted by Xypter on 01-07-2021 4:18am UTC

I thought it was high time we updated our site graphics. The previous background fit my purposes well, but this was only temporary as I was keen on making something a bit more special.

I've always been fond of the idea of animated backgrounds. There's something special about coming to a website and seeing it flow before your eyes. Back 10 years ago the internet did not have the sophisticated tools we have now to make this easy. Fortunately we are living in a time of higher bandwidth, feature rich css and high tech web browsers. My hope is you will feel a tinge more life when you browse our site.

In the near future, I have plans for multiple themes that can be changed to other styles. A good omen of things to come.

Happy New Year!

Posted by TheBlurCafe on 01-01-2021 12:35am UTC

I have no idea of your time zone, but here, it's 2021.

Happy New Year to all of you!

A New Adventure!

Posted by TheBlurCafe on 12-31-2020 7:31pm UTC

Heyo there!
I am TheBlurCafe, creator of Spikes The Hedgehog, the main protagonist of my own series, "Spikes' Chronicles", the SGXP's exclusive comic which you can read right now!

It's a series I started in 2017 on DeviantART, and after a long time, I have finally found a host for my comic, so a big, BIG thanks to Xypter for giving me such an opportunity, none of this would have been possible without you.

With that said, why are you still here? Go read the comic now!

A move forward

Posted by Xypter on 12-27-2020 3:07am UTC

If you haven't heard the news already, we have a new forum. Here's is a cross post from my announcement on Discord:

Merry Christmas all! :christmas_tree: I sincerely hope you are enjoying your holiday's with friends and loved ones. This season marks a special occasion with an important announcement. A Christmas present from me to you.

Some of you have been aware I have been toying with a new forum software for our site. Why a new forum? Primarily to allow members to archive content of their own. Wait is that even possible? Hell yeah it is. I felt this was the natural next step in making our community more valuable: Giving you, the member, the ability to preserve the Sonic community with your own hands. Every day it seems more content is being deleted from the net. The fall of SmackJeeves is a perfect example why communities like ours should be preserving the culture, even if it's backed up on other platforms.

I am at a place with the development where I feel that it is ready to be used. As of now, all operations from the old forum will be discontinued, with plans for deletion within the next week. Consider this new forum our next base of operations.

Without further ado, here is the link: https://sgxp.me/Projects/index.php When you join, please give the Index a once over, as well as some of the test posts. I have already added content to the archive and am making plans to transition our shared Google Drive drive folder onto here as well. You can also expect a couple future affiliations and collabs with other websites to happen very soon.

Thanks goes to @justcamtro and @Lost3DBlastFan for helping me work some of the kinks out. Feel free to ping me if you find anything we missed. I look forward to the lovely projects you have in store.

Lotsa Comics

Posted by Xypter on 10-26-2020 12:10am UTC

That's right folks, our comic archive has some new comics. I'm not just talking about one or two either. SIX new bad boys have been added for your viewing pleaure. How exciting! Here's what we've added:

  • Doerai
  • The Gamma Chronicles
  • Immortal Curse
  • InSONICnia Advanced
  • The Mighty Omega
  • Sonic Meets Megaman

There are two people that helped make this post possible. A big thank you to TheBlurCafe who kindly went through the MFZ archives and organized the comics into tidy folders. Much appreciated.

Another big thank you to OmegaSonic who was kind enough to lend me three of his own comics. I've been a big fan of his sprites from way back in the day, so it tickles me pink to have his work added here.

Without further ado, enjoy our newly contributed comic collection.

We now have a subreddit!

Posted by Xypter on 10-14-2020 8:10pm UTC


It's been awhile hasn't it?

Life has kept me busy. As much as I love Sonic and spriting, work and studies have wittled down my free time. A fortunate occurance which has helped me keep afloat through the tumoltuous 2020.

A small excerpt from my post on Reddit:


Why Reddit some of you may ask? For a long time now I have felt a missing community component to our website. Yes we have a forum and Discord, but older forums are becoming obsolete and our Discord is not structured in a way that encourages longer community discussion on posts. I had made very ambitious plans to host our own social platform on our website, but found the task of coding it to be very daunting as a fledgling web developer. Therefore, I have decided that Reddit is the best platform for the job.


And so begins our platform on Reddit. I'm skeptical of things ever taking off. Frankly though I've been wanting more member activity. Besides Deviant Art, spriters in the Sonic community have been all over the place. The fan base clearly has people working on things though. Sonic Mania has brought some really talented people out of the woodwork, and given the sprite scene a bit of a resurgence. I can't wait to see what people make next.

Updates & Other Nonsense

Posted by Xypter on 05-25-2020 7:23pm UTC

Hello all,

As some of you have been aware, these last couple weeks I have been getting myself situated back into my apartment after being away for a couple months during quarantine. I have also been taking time to work on other parts of my life, and feel that I am finally capable of getting back on task with this web project.

So what's on the docket?

First I'd like to point out that the General Guidelines in the Suggestions forum has been updated to closely match our system in the Discord. If you are new here and are still considering submitting some of your work, please give those guidelines a once over.

Now to the bread and butter.

The MFZ archive has been completed and we are now ready to move into phase 2 of this site's production. Although I just love hard coding every single sheet into our site (hope your catching the sarcasm), this cannot go on forever. During our first update, I clocked over 5 hours of nonstop work just to create, add and code the new submissions. This will not be something I can sustain in the near future.

Without bogging you down with too many details, essentially our website has a lot of front end development (the stuff you can see) with scarcely any back end development (the tools and functions used to operate the site).

This has led me to begin plans to create a shiny new uploader tool for our website.

Essentially my goal here is to make the upload process easy for our users, and easy for me to implement. The ideal situation would be to give users their own account which they could use to post suggestions through the website. On the other side, content moderators could then see these submissions and approve or deny them to the archive. Some added benefits would include tagging submissions with detailed information such as size, format and categories, which could then be used to search for sheets in the archive to make accessing them easier.

With all this said, this project will take at least 2-3 months to accomplish, maybe longer. As I move forward I will try to give frequent updates to show you how things are going. Between now and then, we will continue to accept submissions to the archive with updates planned every Friday.

That's all for now.


Sprite Archive Complete (Almost)

Posted by Xypter on 05-05-2020 9:09am UTC

Well folks it's happened, the old Mystical Forest Archive has finally been restored. Many hours of hard work were put into this project. I honestly had no understanding of how taxing this process would be until I was way over my head in tedious icon creating. In all, it took two months to recreate the 1000+ icons in the collection, a fair amount of time for me considering I work full time and pursue other hobbies. My initial excitement motivated me in the beginning, but the small community of memebers who have began to use this resource has kept me pushing through the growling process. I have to admit that after awhile this became more of a chore than something I enjoyed.

Regardless, I think a lot of people will appreciate having this back. New sprite additions will help make this resource more useful, as well as give us some healthy goals to work towards. There are so many spriters who have created their own projects while the MFZ was gone. Some of these sheets have also been improved. Not to mention that Sega released Sonic Mania a couple years ago, opening the floodgates of hundreds of moders creating sprites for the game. While the old archive has been restored, this is only the beginning of more things to come.

As a side note, I have left the archive counter at 99% since there were a number of sheets I was not able to locate during my archiving. If any of you would care to help me find them, I have attached a text document listing the names of these sheets and their sections.

Edit: An official list has been added to the Discord under #bounties. Join the fun damn it.

So what can be expected in the next couple weeks?

First the suggestions process needs an overhaul. Admitedly I'm a bit embarrassed to invite any more members until there is a solid process for suggesting sheets to the collection. During this week I will be creating general sheet guidelines, a step-by-step guide for suggesting a sheet and preparing our Discord to handle this process in an organized way.

Second will be scouting out talent. My ultimate goal for our community is that we will become a hub for Sonic spriters, comic makers and game developers alike. A place where creators can come together to share their work and contribute to the archive. I believe that the more artists we can host, the better our site will become as a resource for creators to use. I have a vision for many more things to come, and I'm hoping that along the way I can share that passion with others who feel the same way.

As a kid, spriting was an exciting hobby that gave me an outlet for my creativity. I've made so many valuable friendships through the years thanks to sites like the MFZ. I hope as I continue this project, that the same will happen for all of you.

Hope you all are doing well. Happy Tuesday!

New Comics Page Up

Posted by Xypter on 04-23-2020 8:41pm UTC

You've probably noticed that I haven't added anything to the archive since last week. For good reason though, I have been cooking up two new pages during this time.

I am to introduce a complete archive of Kajin's Insonicnia! Yippee! Along with this, a small layout upgrade has been done for Tribent's comic, as well as a patch implemented for the broken archive links, allowing for easy comic searching. I have also added a new link to the comics button, which leads you to a list of all comics currently being hosted on our site.

In no small terms was this project a doozy. I have combed the internet for weeks in search of a proper comic CMS system that would fit my needs in terms of both style and customization. The landscape of webcomics is vastly different from 15 years ago, and yet if you search the web there is almost no decent, modern CMS solution that doesn't involve hosting your comic on a nother site. While that's great, I feel much more comfortable having control of our content without the threat of rapid changes and shutdowns, as seen recently with Smack Jeeves.

I digress. I hope your will enjoy this small snippet of content posted. In the near future I would love to eventually have some of our own comics being posted by our members. With the new system set up, adding comics will be easy and efficient.

Comics Page

Main Sprites Page Is Up

Posted by Xypter on 03-26-2020 12:53pm UTC

After a month of painstaking work, the first sprite section is finally up. Check it out!

Little did I know after starting this project that it would take me 5 weeks just to get the first page completely made. Part of what makes the process so long is remaking all the previous icons from the old MFZ website. In retrospect, I could have decided to just use the old icons, but since staring I've began to like how these new ones look.

I've taken a lot of time to make sure that most of what you see is very comparable to the old MFZ. My main goal was to give a sense of familiarity, and in due time add on with new content.

If any of you have sprites you think should be added to the collection, join the forums and post a suggestion with the sprite sheet you think make a good addition to the archive. 

Sprite Page Under Construction

Posted by Xypter on 02-18-2020 4:01am UTC

Now that most of our layout code has been taken care of, I have begun official construction of our sprite page. Full story below.


New Buttons

Posted by Xypter on 02-12-2020 3:36am UTC

Small update. We have shiny new nav buttons. Don't you wish they went somewhere? At least let the picture-esque landscapes capture your imagination in anticipation of good things to come.

Discord Support

Posted by Xypter on 02-11-2020 4:05am UTC

Two updates in the same day. Wow I'm on fire!

Currently I am integrating a new widget designed to bring Discord to our website. You may notice on the bottom left a little Discord icon. In the future this will be connected to our general chat in hopes to connect other people together in real time. It harkens back to the days of ning chat and IRC, only this will have a bit more polish.

The development team for the widget is beta testing the current version, so all you will see for now is a loading screen. Once they have worked out the kinks, you should be able to log in and access our Discord from this website. Until then, feel free to join the chat if you want to be in the loop about updates: https://discord.gg/jxxTjzJ

New Comic Page

Posted by Xypter on 02-10-2020 8:20pm UTC

We have a new webcomic page up. Read full story for details. https://sgxp.me/TRI/


Updated Logo

Posted by Xypter on 02-07-2020 6:23am UTC

Hey all. Been gone a few months due to moving to a new state. Now that I'm established again I'm back to working on the site. This update features more characters added to the logo. Yipee!

Next thing on my list is to start creating web pages for the different links. The end goal is to have a way for users to connect and post content. Hopefully the coding for that won't prove to be too difficult. For now I hope you enjoy this small change.

News Feed

Posted by Xypter on 09-03-2019 9:08pm UTC

We now have our news feed up and running. Awww yeah baby.

Will be working on getting the kinks out periodically.

Big Layout Update

Posted by Xypter on 09-03-2019 4:33pm UTC

The site has experienced a major layout update. Here's the breakdown:

  • Added a sexy new logo!
  • Added a convenient navigation bar
  • Added content side-bars, complete with the ancient wisdom of the greeks
  • Added a lovely footer keeping us impervious from lawsuits. Seriously though please don't sue us :C

It may not seem like much, but a lot of the front end development has been finished which will help in adding new content later. Look forward to more content in the weeks to follow. smile.gif

The Start

Posted by Xypter on 08-28-2019 5:04am UTC

As you can see, I am building our website. YAY! Unfortunately this is the only page at the moment, but soon we will have more content that looks a lot prettier. In the mean time, here is an animated gif of Sonic bigsmile.gif

What happens when Metal Sonic meets Windows 95? Click Me to find out.