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SGXP the Comic
Author: Omega
Do you like SGXPA? Well, this is like that. Except slower. Much slower. And without audio. Or production values. Or the input of the original authors. Or much effort. It's a shenanigans fueled romp starring the SGXP crew in tales of dubious canonicity!
Spikes' Chronicles
Author: TheBlurCafe
Journey through the chronicles of our carefree fighter and his friends, as he has to face multiple challenges and battles that all seem linked to something he has yet to comprehend... Will Spikes make it through all of these hurdles? Only one way to find out, hop in and enjoy yourselves!
Virtue Complex
Author: NeroIntruder
The Virtue Complex. Where the angels that shaped the world are found. A legend since the beginning of times, it gained attention once the legendary Hunter, Muzen Colel, claimed to have found it. As a fan of adventure, Ayane Seul has decided to search for it and solve its legend once and for all. However, in a world such as this, it's not going to be easy.
The Gamma Chronicles
Author: OmegaSonic
Useless consumer models.
Immortal Curse
Author: Tsukuru
Immortality is not what it is made out to be,
You see a blessing, I see a curse,
An incurable curse,
An immortal curse...
Author: Kajin
Brought back from the archives, a humorous comic about the characters of Sonic the Hedgehog, living together in one house. Jolly good fun mate. Pip pip and all that.
InSonicnia Advanced
Author: Kajin
Originally a voting incentive for InSONICnia; now it has its own section! Unrelated to the main comic, this one mostly pokes fun at the sonic universe in general with zero continuity.
The Mighty Omega
Author: OmegaSonic
Dude, have you been sniffing the magic mushrooms again?
Sonic Meets Megaman
Author: OmegaSonic
Sonic and the gang rip a hole in the space time continuum. What they find may shock you!
There's Something About Tails: The Original Archive
Author: ProjectDarkFox
The original TSAT webcomic as presented, complete with glaring plotholes, bad (read: old) artwork, and over 180 pages of bad sprite-comickyness. The comic is said to be the first sprite comic to use a "true" 3D background (Doom would be the engine of choice, to keep with some semblance of style). Posted for archival purposes.

WARNING: Rated "M" for violent content, occasional sexual situations, and copious abuse of the English language.
Tribent The Tri-Hog
Author: Tribent
In the depths of darkness, where nye is seen nor heard, a hero is born.